New training exercise to training a futsal two against two

Today I attached a new futsal training exercise to train a two against two starting from a square. I hope you like it and you find it useful.
Already tell me.
TRAINING EXERCISE: 2 to 2 from square
SPACE: football court, basketball court.
NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 8,9,10,11 … etc and one goalkeeper minimum.
OBJECTIVES: Attack and defense superiority / inferiority, folds, transition speed, timings, etc …
DEVELOPMENT: From a placement of 4 players in the 4 corners of the quadrant further from the goal of kick, the goalkeeper throws the farthest that once received the serve passes to his band mate and retracted. So we proceed to get the ball to the last player. The sequence of work is he who receives the serve defends 2c1, the 2nd and 4th form the pair of attack 2c1. And once past the 3rd to 4th the ball goes to the bottom, turn and folds to help 1. I hope I have not bundled.
Variations: You can limit the end time, limit number of passes, touches, etc.And all you can think and you find them useful.
A greeting.
Jose Antonio Valle Gallego

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