Training exercise futsal: Three against two continuous

Training exercise futsal: Three against two continuous
I attached a new exercise / task where they work very sencillamene 3c2 superiority and inferiority. I hope you will help.
SPACE: Field of basketball, football pitch.
NUMBER OF PLAYERS: You can do with 9, 10, 11, 12..etc plus 2 goalkeepers.
OBJECTIVES: Attack and defense superiority and inferiority, change of mind, speed endurance, rhythm, alternations, competitiveness, etc …
DEVELOPMENT: From a first attack of 3c2 and that first completion, the sequence continues as follows: attack the trio who lost or ended hopes in midfield attack to form a trio with his team partner you have to defend immediately. The couple’s defense 3c2 partner that ended previously formed a trio with a new partner of the opposing team. And so continuously.
VARIATIONS: limits of passes, touches, making competition goals, send an action expected to shift partner, etc … And all you can think about that.
A greeting.
Jose Antonio Valle Gallego

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