Exercise: Three against two with turn two against one

3c2 y vuelta en 2c1 (2 parte)3c2 y vuelta el 2c1 (1 parte)Exercise: Three against two with turn two against one
Players can do with 6, 9, 12, 10 … etc … always respecting rest
Space: 40×20 both basketball as long pursued depending on the physical work.
Objectives: Transitions, cons, inferior defense, speed, endurance, psychological work, etc. ..
Development: Classic exercise 3c2 3c1 to one side and the other. Only in the odd side of the defense (1) conducted a 2c1 3c1 instead of a. It works for trios. If we are nine rotation from defense to attack, attack and rest break defense. If we are 12 as of 4 trios competition … etc. ..
Variants: Limit touches / passes to finish, completion time limit, realization by time (1 minute or 45 “) or attacks, other than the goal rate in 2c1 3c2, limited to one player touches Doing it at first. the train or at the end, etc …
And all you can think about that ..

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