Exercise training futsal: 1 on 1 from Four Corners + 2C2

1C1 CON CORNER Y 1C1 + 2C2 Exercise training futsal: 1 on 1 from Four Corners + 2C2
Players needed: Minimum 6 .. 10..12..etc If they are even better, and 2 minimum goalkeepers.
Space: 20×20
Time: Series 2 ‘couple. I recommend 4 series. Working intense.
Development: Exercising my friend Cesar extended by me. Whenever an idea has to turn you on the lamp to modify, extend, etc … Thanks Cesar and good luck.
Classic exercise of a couple with 1 attacker and a defender. The first ends the 4 corners and change the role next round. Q The balls come to midfield are finalized in 1v1 and bottom corner in either direct or in 2nd / 3rd touch.
When you have completed the 4 balls: both the attacker and defender are defending a couple 2v2 a ball put into play by the 2nd keeper / coach / assistant who is in the midfield.
Rotation: the pair of attacker and defender in the background. The couple at the bottom half of the field and the pair form the 1v1 half field.
If we are 12 it is recommended that two half fields simultaneously.
You can limit or expand the fund completions.
If somo odd you can finish with a 3c2 with the odd instead of 2v2.
And all you can think about that.

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